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As Spring arrives, this month we’re happy to offer you a 10% discount on our range of Daisies - our featured Flower of the Month for April #FOTM.

Botanical Information

The European species of common Daisy, or Bellis perennis, meaning beautiful perennial, belongs to the Asteracae family. The Daisy family is the second largest family of flowering plants and consequently many related plants share the name, “Daisy”.

Although daisies belong to a very large, flowering plant family, only a few are food plants, examples are; lettuce, dandelions and endive, and sadly the common Daisy is considered a weed by lawn perfectionists.

The Shasta Daisy, with its classic yellow centre and white petals is the influence for how we make our glass daisies. However, there are numerous varieties, including Marguerites, Osteospermum and Gerbera, all of which love a sunny growing position.

Daisies and their meaning

Daisies in the wilds of WalesDaisies symbolise innocence and purity, modesty and simple beauty. This is especially true for those with white petals and yellow centres.

The Victorians popularised the game, “He loves me, he loves me not”, plucking petals to discover if their feelings were reciprocated. Daisies have been around for at least 4,220 years, because the Ancient Egyptians were growing and using them as herbal medicine in 2,200 BC.

In Norse mythology the Daisy is the goddess Freyja’s sacred flower. As the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, its association with Freyja meant that the Daisy began to symbolise birth, motherhood and new beginnings.

It is believed that the Daisy gets its name from an Old English phrase, “daes eaye”, or day’s eye because its petals open at dawn and close at dusk.

There is a saying that, "Spring has come when you can step on nine Daisies at once."

Where can I find Daisies in the North Wales Landscape?

Daisies Close-upAs Winter loosens its grip, tiny white daisies appear over Welsh hillsides, pastures and lawns. There is a saying that, "Spring has come when you can step on nine Daisies at once."

Surely they are one of the hardiest flowers, surviving all that the British weather can throw at them, then being trodden on by walkers and picnickers?

I’m sure many of us have attempted to make Daisy chains in our childhoods. Did you succeed? If so I envy you, as I never quite managed to complete the circle, unable to slip the last flower head through a stem.

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