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Stargazer lilies make a fantastic centrepiece of any flower display in which they appear. That’s why this June, we are focusing on them as our Flower of the Month, and giving you a 10% discount OFF #FOTM.

Botanical Information

Lilies come in many varieties: waterlilies, tiger lilies, lily of the valley, etc., but with so many varieties not many are actually related to each other, and few would scientifically be classed as lilies in the genus Lilium. The Stargazer Lily (Lilium 'Stargazer') is a notable member or the oriental lily group which includes hybrids created from a group of East Asian species.

Lilium longifolium, one of the varieties related to Stargazer Lilies, was introduced to Britain by the Romans and was used in medicine. The Stargazer variety of the oriental lilies were bred in the 1970s to create a variety of lily with an upturned 'face' hence the name.

Stargazer Lilies and their meaning

Stargazer Lilies in the wilds of WalesThe lilium family was associated with the Virgin Mary as a symbol of purity and chastity, sometimes called the Madonna lily. In Greek and Roman Legends, the lily is a symbol of beauty and is linked with Aphrodite and Venus, deity of love, one myth even stating that the goddess was jealous of the flower’s beauty.

Lilies fell out of fashion in parts of Britain during the reformation due to the religious association, as they were used by Catholics in much of their art and symbology. It was due in part to the Victorians and their love of flowers that re-established the popularity of this particular variety of lily.

Where can I find Stargazer Lilies in the North Wales Landscape?

Stargazer Lilies Close-upThis particular flower is not native to our Welsh landscape and is difficult to cultivate in overly wet and cool climates, it tends to bloom in mid-summer. As such it is very unlikely that you will see Stargazer lilies strewn throughout the welsh valleys and hills, the best chance to view this particular flowering variety are stately gardens.

Portmeirion gardens is a beautiful spot on the coast that has spectacular terrain and offers train rides to the oriental gardens created there.

Near the town of Port Talbot is Margam Country Park, a historical garden recently refurbished with all amenities available and among its diverse landscape is a fantastic Japanese garden.

Of course, the National Botanical Gardens of Wales has a stupendous variety of activities to do and things to see, it also has the largest collection of Mediterranean plants in the Northern Hemisphere.

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