LIMITED OFFER: New & Updated Irises for 2021

I'm thrilled to be able to release these new and updated designs of one of your favourite flowers, the Iris. I've made 10 sets each of the updated small set and brand new medium set, and am offering £5 and £7 OFF each until they've gone, or at midnight on the 30th June, 2021. Get your discount code below.

I've been working hard to refresh some of the range, and these Irises are the first...

Get £5 OFF this updated set of Irises until the 30th of JuneFollowing the way in which I updated the bluebells last year, the new and updated sets of Irises are now made from blue glass, and now feature some added sparkle, with the addition of 24ct gold highlights on the petals. The petals are drastically different, and are much more delicate than my original set, highlighting their beauty even more - in my opinion.

So, what do you think? We'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook post.

Now the important but - your discount codes:

For the Small set of Irises, use discount code IRIS5, or the Medium set, IRIS7.

How do I use my code?

Using your code is easy:

  1. Add our small or medium Irises to the cart.
  2. Hover over the cart icon in the main menu, and click the view cart button.
  3. Underneath the table of items in your cart, you'll see a apply coupon button. Paste your code into the field above it, and click apply coupon.

That's it. Carry on browsing, or proceed to checkout. Your discount will still be applied, even if you navigate to other pages first, so long as you don't clear your cookies.

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